Token Economics in Real-Life: Cryptocurrency and Incentives Design for Insolar’s Blockchain Network

The core premise of blockchain is straightforward. Rather than relying upon a trusted intermediary to proprietarily maintain one ledger of transactions between members of a network, it allows all members to maintain their own copies of the same ledger and ensure that all copies are synchronized. This obviates the need for the intermediary, who often exploits its information asymmetry advantage to act in extractive, inefficient, or corrupt ways. IEEE Computer



A key challenge of this decentralized design is incentives. Even when not behaving in an exploitive manner, the intermediary is well incentivized to provide centralized services in the form of transaction fees (for example, Visa or Mastercard), fees charged for data analysis (for instance, Google), and finder’s fees (Uber, for example). When such services are provided in a decentralized way, an alternative scheme for incentives is needed.

Self-sufficient vegetable gardening

Course Description

If you’ve got the veg-growing bug, it won’t be long before you’ll want to grow more and more, and enjoy the fruits of your labour all year long. This course takes you right through the growing year, and explores the best ways to make the most of your garden so you can enjoy the superb flavours and freshness of home grown fruit and vegetables, no matter what the season.

In this comprehensive guide to growing your own fruit and vegetables, Sally Nex will talk you through crop selection, managing your land and the best ways to avoid the so-called ‘hungry gap’ in early spring. By the end of this course, you’ll be one step closer to becoming fully self-sufficient.

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